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Where Am I?

A contextual notion admittedly, but for purposes of this page, where I am is Cardiff.  When this blog inevitably becomes the Justin Bieber of the WordPress world (in terms of popularity you understand, rather than talent), it may be important to establish where my musings come from in the world.

Originally though, I am from a tiny village near Southampton, but moved to Wales in 1997.  This means I qualify to represent either nation in a sporting context.  Doubling my chances has not, sadly, led to any call ups.  And, at the tender age of 36, I have recently decided to contact Messrs Gatland, Jones, Coleman and Hodgson to let them know that I am formally withdrawing myself from consideration for international duty.

Wales is a great place for sport.  It really is.  It is hard to resist at times, if you try to. When Wales are playing during the Six Nations, anywhere that doesn’t have a TV is like a scene out of a zombie film.  Great time to go shopping if rugby doesn’t float your boat.

28 days

So, if you read my ramblings, you know where in the world I am, and where I come from, which I undoubtedly refer to over time.  Because I firmly believe our upbringing makes a big difference to our attitude to exercise.

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