Can festivals get you fit?

“You got ‘Davina’s Awesome Abs Workout’?” “WOT?” “Kerry Katona’s ’30 Minute Gutbuster’ then?” “WOT?” The DJ repeats, lifting one of … More

Giving Exercise an eSporting Chance

Is Gaming diluting the Physical Activity message?

Walk and Talk

Modern life is all about short cuts. Labour-saving inventions to save us time and effort.  Time and effort that can … More

Fat as a Fiddle

Booty is in the eye of the beholder.  What you think of as thin or fat may differ substantially from what I … More

You, Me, LGB&T

After writing a few pieces on my experience with sport and exercise, the LGB&T Sport Cymru team asked if I … More

Fitting in Fitness

I jogged home from work yesterday.  Which is possible as I live within trebuchet range of work.  I would say … More

Getting Started

I grew up in Soberton Heath.  It’s easy to miss.  If you blink as you drive through it, you’ll miss … More