The Generosity Diet

I brought a Terry’s Chocolate Orange into the office today. And lo, my peers thought me a kindly soul.

It was actually just one of many sugary treats I found myself confronted with over a long weekend of sweet excess.  Not much of this Easter’s confectionery hoard made it beyond Sunday to be honest, so to have anything at all left on the Tuesday was a minor miracle.

choco orange

I’m losing my touch, I thought.  My sweet tooth is finally leaving me. My lifelong curse that means I am physically unable to leave chocolate uneaten if it is within a 500m radius and I am unrestrained (a full Hannibal Lecter style straightjacket and mask would normally be the only way to stop me).

Unfortunately, my teeth are as sweet as ever and my addiction is still going strong. So how can I resist the urge?

There are a whole host of diets in the world. There is a multi-million (possibly billion?) dollar industry built on the premise that simply eliminating all carbs/eating on alternate Wednesdays/consuming only twigs and fungi will give you the beach body you MUST HAVE in time for summer (or so we’re led to believe).

You can forget all about these fads and fables however. Now there is a diet revolution we can all get onboard with and it’s easy too. It doesn’t involve exercise or complicated rules. It can be used alongside other diets and, not only will you eliminate much unneeded calorific sustenance from your life and therefore inch closer to slim line perfection, you will also endear yourself to friends and colleagues at the same time.


I refer, of course, to the Generosity Diet™.

It takes a little discipline admittedly, but if you can steel yourself sufficiently, significant gains (or rather losses) can be made if you keep to ‘the plan’.

Note: it is most effective at times of year like this (just after Easter), or similarly après-Xmas and following birthdays.

The premise is simple. When you are faced with an abundance of buns or a mountain of sweets and snacks (self-imposed or gifted to you), just bring them into your place of work and place them near your office kettle or in any shared working space.

You will find, without fail, that any and all treats will disappear within a minutes. And not only will you eat less crap naughty food, but you’ll be seen by your peers as a paragon of virtuous generosity, rather than a never-ending eating machine, a gluttonous beast who’s just trying to keep as many Kcals from their lips (and subsequently hips) as possible.


And if you are concerned that people won’t realise that it is you who is the Wonka-like benefactor in the building, you can place a note next to the candy pile, inviting one and all to eat and be merry, thanks to you.

The newly slimmer, more generous you, that is.


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